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Cursive font generator

Welcomes to cursive font generator. If you are looking for a stylish font to use personal and commercial use this is the right place to generate a free cursive font and easy to copy and paste to share on social media and other purposes. fancy cursive fonts generated in real-time when the user write some text on a given textbox. user can download free font style and use for private and commercial use user can preview font-family style before download. 

Font generator main purpose is to provide a stylish text generator to our customers and site visitor. so the user can create stylish name for facebook and social media. we also provide free to create stylish name online. we have a collection of thousands of font style so users can generate calligraphy font generator, cursive calligraphy fonts, beautiful cursive fonts, and others. user click on font sample to see a stylish way of writing English alphabets.

Why need a font generator?

Now day millions of people using the social network and most of the time spent on the internet. so the main reason is to use many social network people share own thoughts and knowledge with millions of people in one button click. cursive font generator help to generate to the cursive font in an easy way and user can copy generated cursive text and paste on social media post the post format will be the same as generated text.

How to work a font generator?

To generator font, many javascript (A scripting language) working in the backend process to bind a what text user enter and converted into the cursive font. a another query working to create two-way binding when a user enters that same time font generator generate font.  when the user enters some text we make privacy and not save any text or data in the cache, database, and other local storage. We present too many sizes or font style sample for a particular for font family or font file like normal, bold, italic, underline and much more so the user can see the font sample with example.

How to use font generator?

It is very easy to use font generator when the user enters text a stylish font generated automatic and on one button click copy text to clipboard and user can paste it where he wants. many social network platform support cursive font you can use generated text with the font style. For the visitor, we want to login system for users and a new user can create a new account and create a dashboard where user can upload own font for public use and that that means the user can download the font and use commercial use. we will also provide credits to the user who uploads font for free.

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