About Us

Cursive Font Generator is a free service to generate a simple line of text to cursive font and stylish font. the generated font is copyright free so user can user font in private and commercial use. to create this functionality we use some javascript code and database, database use for store some temp file.

Cursive font generator also provides a bulk of fonts to use many fonts are premium and many fonts are free. font generator provides to use a link to download a zip file of the font in the zip file includes a font. TTF and a TXT file wrote term and conditions. Our future plane is to create a module for users who can log in or create a free account to upload own font file and see the response of another user on it in the dashboard. For now, it's free for all who what to use fonts. generated cursive, Arabic, italic, and bold and normal font can copy and paste for Instagram and Facebook.


Social Media

Cursive Font Generator is active on worldwide uses social media facebook, twitter, and Instagram so the user can follow for new update and subscribe for mail notification.

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